UNMASK is a study into Digital Brutalism.

The project was the result of a thesis study done for the conclusion of my undergraduate degree from OCAD U. The resulting installation was shown at OCAD University's DF Open Show 2019, as well as GRADEX 104, where it won the Digital Futures medal. I spoke about the project at ISEA 2020, a recording of that talk is featured above.

Brutalism started as a branch off of the modernist architecture movement in the 1950's. It promoted an idea of honesty in the design of buildings, and stripping them down to their bare materials in order to achieve this. The results were buildings made of bare concrete, which placed their function as the main aesthetic of the structure.

This project was an attempt to bring this idea to the process of creating digital media. Through examining the process, and final outputs of brutalist architecture, a basic framework for brutalist practice was created, and then adapted to fit digital media. This framework was then taken and used for the creation of an installation piece visualizing my experiences with memory distortion. An effect in which memories of the past are altered, and distorted by actions in the present, brought on by anxiety and depression.

You can read the full ISEA paper here.